Hattie B’s

When you think of Nashville Hot Chicken, there is probably one place that comes to mind – Hattie B’s. It is probably the most well-known, popular fried chicken spot and there is definitely a reason! If you are in Nashville it is a must try spot, but be warned because the lines can be super long. I recommend getting there right when they open or slightly before (especially on the weekends).

Their menu may be fairly simple but their chicken packs some serious flavor! They even offer 6 spice levels that range from Southern (no heat) to Shut the Cluck Up (burn notice). I would love to meet anyone that can handle their burn notice level because based on their Mild and Medium levels, there is absolutely no way in this world any human could. I grabbed their tenders while my husband opted for the chicken sandwich – these are the only options that have no bones! If you want the OG experience, you can grab one of the following: dark, white, wings, or 1/2 bird. All of their menu items come with 2 sides – with the exception of the sandwich, it only comes with one. We grabbed the mac and cheese (because duh), coleslaw and collard greens – had to get some vegetables in the mix for a balance lol. Their chicken is so tender and juicy – it is fried to perfection and has a crispy outside but isn’t fried too hard to where the chicken is dry. I was really impressed with the amount of chicken and how fresh it was. Their sauce (where the spice comes from) while it absolutely has a kick, it also is actually delicious rather than just straight hot. Everything we tried was incredible, which further proves that even though it was not the original fried chicken spot, it has made a name for itself and should not be skipped!

For the full menu and list of locations, click here.

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