Horu Sushi Kitchen

I would never have expected to find some of the most delicious, fresh sushi in a food hall in Downtown Nashville, but here we are! After too much fried chicken, I needed something on the lighter side, which is how I got here. The Assembly Food hall features so many delicious eateries, so it is the perfect spot for a group or if you just can’t decide what to eat. Horu Sushi is located almost right in the middle so you won’t miss it! Their menu features so many rolls that you will need a second to figure out which tasty ones to try. I grabbed a Classic California and their Truffle Salmon Roll. The california, while basic, is a great gauge of the quality and this one definitely hit the mark. The rice was fluffy and just the right amount. The crab was fresh and creamy as were the cucumbers and avocado (no brown spots seen here!). The Truffle Salmon though was superb. Like I have never eaten something so delicious in my life. The salmon was light and buttery – it practically melted in my mouth. The truffle oil also added a rich, deep flavor but wasn’t overpowering. Not only did it taste incredible, the presentation was stunning! If I could only eat one roll for all the sushi spots I have ever been to, this one would take the winning lead! Check Horu out if you are in Nashville and click here for their menu.

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