Big Truck Tacos

Big Truck has been around for a long time so if you haven’t been, you are missing out and maybe you live under a rock…or maybe you just don’t like tacos or delicious food. Obviously, the taco scene in OKC is pretty competitive, with more and more taco spots popping up around the city. I used to be able to count them on one hand (at least the really top tier spots), but now it is getting more difficult and the competition is getting heated! It is no longer easy to declare the best tacos since there is more variety now and each place has their own spin. I will say though, Big Truck definitely still ranks in the top, but has it been knocked off the top spot? Find out below.

As much as I love Big Truck and it has always been my go to for tacos, it is slowly slipping down on the list. While their queso still reigns supreme, the tacos are a bit lower on my list now. I still do think they have the best breakfast and breakfast tacos in town, their regular tacos have never been the top for me. The queso is hands down the best in the city, and I don’t think any place will ever be able to knock it off the top spot. It is so creamy and thick with a wonderful smoky flavor. The tacos are good, don’t get me wrong. They are a great price with delicious fillings and the greatest salsa selection around, but I would give them a 7 or 8 on a scale of 10 for the overall package. The tortillas could be a bit fluffier and softer and could be a little more sturdy. They fall apart pretty easily, especially the corn ones. The shrimp taco and beef al carbon are my favorites of their dinner/lunch selection!

Check out their full menu here. And let me know your thoughts – do you think they still rank in the top spot?

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