Baked Bear

Baked Bear is a creative ice cream shop that allows you to build exactly what you want! They have locations across the US, so check them out to see if there is one near you. They are famous for their ice cream sandwiches and have so much variety to choose from. I have been to a few of the locations in OK, and on my latest trip it fell a bit flat from my expectations. Perhaps an off night for me or for them. This particular night they were out of a lot of their cookies and ice creams and it felt like they were rushing us through the line. I do feel for employees right now with so many staff shortages, so I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt that they were just overwhelmed and understaffed. The sandwiches are very appealing and instagram worthy for sure!

To order, you first select your base – you can choose a cookie or a brownie and with almost a dozen options, it might take you a minute. You can even mix and match, so you can try two! Next, pick your ice cream! They have flavors ranging from vanilla and cookie dough to s’mores and their popular bear batter (basically for extreme cookie lovers!). Next up, your toppings – you can top and roll your sandwich in a variety of options like sprinkles, cereal, m&ms and more! Then it is served to you for you to devour! You can even ask them to warm it up, which I know might sound crazy! Why would you warm up ice cream, it’s going to melt?! Well they only heat it up for a few seconds and it is to get the cookies (or brownie) warm so you bite into a warm cookie and cold ice cream for an unbelievable treat. My favorite combination is the cookie monster cookie for both with the Bear Batter ice cream and absolutely warmed up! A second favorite is the nutella chocolate chunk cookie with cookie dough ice cream!

Give them a try and see how creative you can get! For their full menu and locations, check here.

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