Bottled Caffeine

Bottled Caffeine is a new way to enjoy all your caffeine needs. The owner, started this business during the pandemic – as many of us have found new hobbies or ways to entertain ourselves and enjoy the small things. I binged Tiger King, and many other shows, but anyways. Bottled Caffeine is making a name for itself in just a few short months of operation. All orders are made to order and local pickup/drop offs in Renton. Currently there are a few flavors she offers – Vietnamese Coffee, Black Sesame Coffee, Thai Tea, Pandan Thai Tea, and Thai Coffee. I grabbed a Black Sesame Coffee, Thai Tea, and a classic Vietnamese Coffee. They were incredible – the coffees were strong and definitely gave me a kick of caffeine! The thai tea was also refreshing, but a bit on the sweet side for my liking. Most thai teas though are too sweet for me. While the flavor was great, it just wasn’t my cup of tea. If you are looking for a sweeter option, this would be a great one for you.

Check out their instagram for the menu and schedule – although, they do seem to have been quiet the last few months, so make sure to reach out if you are wanting to place an order. Their instagram handle is @bottledcaffeine.

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