Papa Chango

Looking for a little slice of Miami in Seattle? Well this is the place for you. Papa Chango is a new coffee shop in Ballard bringing some Miami-Cuban style coffee to the area. This is the first coffee shop of its kind and they are here to play with the big coffee scene Seattle is known for. It was a little hard to find at first, and I definitely drove past it two or three times…once I saw the very clear sign I felt a bit dumb. This shop is very tiny – it has enough room for the two staff members and like 3 people max and I love it! I do wish they had seating and a bigger space – and maybe one day they will. But this little coffee shop is serving up so big flavors and I am so here for it. Walking in to the cafe, you instantly are hit with a delicious smell of roasted coffee beans. Their menu features both classic spanish drinks and traditional drinks. You’ll find a cafecito, cortadito, abuelita mocha, cafe con meil and many more! I grabbed their Abuelita Mocha which is a rich, chocolatey drink with espresso. Think of the most delicious mocha you have ever had, and this one I guarantee you is much better than that. It is thick and rich and smooth. It isn’t overly sweet, but just enough. It really let’s the simplicity of chocolate shine. They also have tasty pastries on their menu with flavors like guava and papaya you’ll want to try them all. For their full menu, check here and make sure to stop by this tiny shop making a name for themselves.

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